This That and the Passport

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Favourite Memory: There are so many... but if I had to pick something I would say strolling along the lake. It is a great walk, full of beautiful flowers, with views of the lake and snowcapped mountains in the distance.  Then stopping for gelato or cappucinos at one of the hotels and watching the sunset.

In a nutshell: Even though it is small town and there is not an abundance of things to do, there are plenty of day trips to take from here. It is the perfect base for a holiday on Lake Geneva.


In my opinion, the best way to get to Montreux is by train.  We usually arrive in Geneva and take the train from the airport straight to Montreux.  The train ride is very scenic, you will be traveling east so make sure to sit on the right and you will be rewarded with the lake views.

Once you get to the Montreux station, which is right in the middle of town, you can exit the station and hire a cab or use their local bus service which is pretty good.

Entrance to the Train station.

The views from the train Geneva-Montreux are fantastic!


Walk along the lake- Montreux has a wonderful promenade.  From the train station area it is aproximately 1.8 miles (3kms) to Chateau Chillon.  You will have lake views all along the way and hotels where you can stop for coffee or a nice lunch.  The promenade is lined with flowers and works of art and in the summer sometimes there is outdoor music.  

During the Montreux Jazz Festival, the promenade is lined with vendors selling different kinds of merchandise.

The promenade has beautiful views and there is access to the lake at different points. You can go down and sunbathe on the rocks, go swimming or boating.

Visit the Freddy Mercury statue- and bring flowers! Freddy Mercury settled in Montreux circa 1978. He had an apartment with views of the lake and loved the town. His album with Queen "Made in Heaven" was recorded in Montreux- and the cover features Lake Geneva.

Visit Switzerland's most famous water castle! Walk along the promenade or take the bus to one of Switzerland's most visited castels. Chateau Chillon is an extremely well maintained water castle that dates circa 1005BC. Lord Byron wrote his famous poem "The Prisoner of Chillon" while he was imprisioned here and you can still see his name carved onto a pillar in the dungeon.


Train to Lausanne and walk along the lake admiring the architecture. Go shopping at the Quartier du Flon, visit the Olympic Museum, and stop by the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Board one of Lake Geneva's famous steamboats to any of their destinations. Enjoy views of castles and towns on the shore and beautiful sailboats on the lake. Check out their schedules and destintations here: CGN Lakexception

Daytrip to Zermatt, a carless town at the base of the Matterhorn. Enjoy hiking, great fondue and spectacular views. Visit my Zermatt page for more information.

Take the Chocolate Train to the famous town of Gruyeres and see how cheese is made. Then visit the Cailler chocolate factory in the town of Broc for a total Swiss experience. Book your tour here!

Have lunch in the French town of Yvoire. This charming stone town is just across the water and is perfect for a leisurley lunch and a day of souvenir browsing.

If you are willing to train or drive a little further away for a day trip I suggest visiting Geneva, Paris or Milan.  I have done these by train and even though a single day is not enough in any of these cities it can still be worth it.  If you are traveling with kids, the Aquaparc at Le Bouveret is a lot of fun- this is always a hit with my kids.